Crossing (Wait for the moment)

Crossing (Wait for the moment)

One of the most important in photography is capturing the moment (The Decisive Moment, Henri Cartier Bresson) and that’s is one of the beauties of photography. And today, we understand it’s not how fast we react to the scene, but how we choose the scene and story, when the shutter clicks you pause the moment, including the decision if it made the photography.

Often, we look for the scene but instead of most the time, we could wait for the scene. Wait for the moment when all the elements come into the frame and we make the picture. If we ask any nature photographer they would tell it’s the patient that made their photograph.

It happens the same thing on street photography, we look at the corner that triggers our creativity and we wait for our moment to make it our own picture.

Take the Shot

It was a raining day when I walked on the 信義區 overhead bridge from 新光三越 to 誠品店, and when I looked down, the wet floor made the zebra crossing line contrast out, I know it’s something I would like to compose it in my picture. I also knew there’s a pedestrian traffic light right under where I stand, it means there will be people crossing and raining day means they will all carry an umbrella. I had the vision.

I also wanted to show the motion of busy crossing people that contrast out with the static traffic line so I step down the shutter to 1/15, then I wait for the moment. I spend 15 minutes there, taking numerous shots of people crossing while the traffic light turns green, with the different forms, a colour of the umbrella, etc.

This was the closest to what I picture in my mind, though it’s not perfect it’s closest (and I have to leave the place, my camera is now all wet and the rains is getting heavy).

Post Processing

I cropped the image to 16:9 ratio (one of my favourite) and edit the colour with Adobe Lightroom. I’ve turned down the saturation to give it a moody raining day, however, the red and green has been bringing back up for the umbrella. A slight green/blue hue over the entire picture is just my own preferences.

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  1. ndroo says:

    Man this is a classic! Well done! The bit of car at the top adds lots to it.

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