Lightroom ALPreset ver 1.0

Lightroom ALPreset ver 1.0

After published the ALPreset ver 0.1 last year October, there’s been quite a good response and more than 30 downloads were made. This might be a small number for some but it has been a great encouragement for me.

I always wanted to improve the very raw version of 0.1 but not until recently. So now I give you the ALPreset ver 1.0. The version fine-tuned to make better natural colour, especially better control of the highlight and shadow clipping. If you happen to own a copy of ver 0.1, do consider “upgrade” to this version (replace).

I also added a new B&W preset that carry warm tone which I used it most of the time. I hope you will enjoy this version and helps you with the post-processing.

Download 1.0

Original Photo

BW #1

Cross Processing: Argentina

Cross Processing: Ocean

Cross Processing: Papaya

Soft: Dreamy

Soft: Romance


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