Improve your photo characteristic with Match Colour

Improve your photo characteristic with Match Colour

Sometimes, or rather very often, I’ve no inspiration on the post-editing for the photo that I took, especially those that do not have a strong theme or early planning ahead.

There’s a trick that I’ve learned sometime back on the internet (can’t recall the website) show how the Color Match in Photoshop can be useful to tweak your photo to match with famous artwork. I have a trial and find it really useful. It really changes the photo characteristic and sometimes it spikes my creativity and bring the photo back to life or give it another level of altitude.

The photo will show it’s potential at a different level, I could, of course, using the photoshop to achieve this result via many steps, but the main idea is to take on what the artist has been working hard in their lifetime on the colour study, and perhaps, from this practice we could be learned more from the artist viewpoint of color.

The original photo:

To do this, you first collect a set of artwork from various artist that you like, and here are the Photoshop steps:

  1. Open both photos (yours and the artwork) in photoshop
  2. On your photos, select Image > Adjustments > Match Color
  3. In the dialogue box, select the artwork from the pull-down menu under Source (near the bottom area), and tweak the 3 option in the Image Option, my choice always starts from Luminance: 200%, Color Intensity: 200%, Fade: 25%. You may have your own preferences, whichever that work for you.
  4. Click “OK” once you are happy with the result

That all. Simple and yet effective. Of course, not every painting sample works fine for every photo, it’s really tried and error and an open mind for the possibility.

What it does is to bring the colour theme from the art painting and match with your photo, that change the mood of the photo dramatically.

Color match with painting of Eugène Delacroix
– La liberté guidant le peuple

Color match with painting of Leonardo da Vinci
– Mona Lisa

Color match with painting of Hokusai
– The Great Wave off Kanagawa



  1. great iPhone template! And cool posting…

  2. Darkspore says:

    Kahong, I came across your website via ndroo’s. Thanks for this entry. Very interesting technique! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

  3. ndroo says:

    Man, these are cool. I’m damn lazy with Photoshop but you are tempting me to learn … hahaha.

  4. pfong says:

    This is such a cool technique. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. evershine says:

    Thank you.. easy enough to learn.. n remember..

  6. Kahong says:

    Thank you all,
    It’s a big encouragement to see your respond here. Unfortunately I do not have much time to write as often, but I will try to continue sharing what I’ve learned.

  7. 竣杰 says:

    太犀利了!!!! =P

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