How to improve your photography

How to improve your photography

It’s been 15 years since I started doing photography, but I don’t feel good to tell anyone especially friends among photographers. It’s a simple reason, it doesn’t show 15 years experience when I look at my photographs.

As much I love photography as I love the movie, it’s always easier to see the great work than actually taking my own self. The imbalance of the knowledge and skill to produce it could continue to discourage me, and sometimes pushed my confidence to the bottom line.

I know the way to improve but never look at it seriously or practice it. Maybe it’s a time again to take a close look and some action has to be done, I have list down 10 things for myself, they are from the experience, reading and observation.

I would like to think that it might be useful for everyone, so I am sharing it with you. If you are new to photography, this list might not help as much, try to get yourself a course or a book to study the basis of the photography.

1. Use what you have

Stop buying new equipment. Of course, we cannot deny that the technologies help but they only assist you, not to improve you. And more often, we have not fully explored the maximum capability of what we have.

It constants remind me that there are so many classic photographies which took in the past and the equipment they have at their time is certainly not as good as ours yet they have so many powerful pictures.

I admit that I am caught into this as well, we have to learn to say no to advertising. It’s not easy but I have to overcome it.

2. Shot less take more

Instead of shot everything you see, focus down to the one that attracts you the most. And take more frame of it on different timing, different composition, different angle, explore each possibility or even wait for something to happen.

I found myself often snap and go. Taking more frame allows you to think, to explore what you have never done.

We are having an advantage over this digital era and don’t waste the luxury benefit.

3. Repeat it

Go back to the same subject or location regularly, improve on what you have done and explore a different possibility. Try a different time of day or season, a different perspective, different setup or even bring in a new element to interact with the subject.

I found myself do not patient enough for this and I should try as much as I can.

4. Do not repeat

Do not repeat all the shot with same old way, each subject should have their own identity. Try to see it with a different perspective. Let go of what you usually do and try not to repeat yourself.

I have tried hard and this is one of the most difficult to do. I believe the harder it is, the more it will give back to me.

5. Learn from yourself and others

Compare your photos with the others (on the same subject). See what others have done and you missed. You may go to the extent of trying to duplicate the shot yourself with the one that you likes.

Look at your own photo again and again, does it convey the message you want to deliver, what is the message. Do it over and over until it’s clear.

This is a personal to-do-list, it will be different for everyone, list down yours today. I hope what helps me help you.



  1. eyes says:

    Great list!
    I should try to follow some of these myself :D

  2. shooperman says:

    Hi Kahong,

    This is a great list of ideas. I just got my first film camera in years – it’s a Lomo LC-A+ and I’m taking shots all the time now! Will be posting them and using some of them on my blog soon.


  3. ndroo says:

    Great tips! Your work is always inspirational and I’ll be back for more ;) Guiness draft anyone?

  4. Kahong says:

    I’m glad that you all like this :)

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