Different world (Contrast in Composition)

Different world (Contrast in Composition)

There isn’t any unique about this picture but there are a few interesting contrasts found in this picture.

The 2 long hair ladies on the different world, inside the train with warm lighting, moving and quiet (atmosphere) versus the cold, station and noisy on the platform. The contrast split the picture half in between.

Contrast is very much like a conversation in the picture, they respond to each other, back and forth, create flow and atmosphere. Once contrast is in place, the composition needs to take place for it to express. We could have the left-right, top-bottom, diagonal or outside-inside (within).

Take the Shot

I was on the train and camera is always ready. I was taking a few shots at the different train station along the train journey and my camera is in Aperture Priority mode. I left the camera on and the train stop by this station where there aren’t many people. From my viewfinder, I first saw the outside lady sitting lonely and I want to take a shot of her. At the same time, I saw another lady in the train on my left eye (my focus eye is always my right eye and I have a habit to occasionally open up both eye before I push the shutter button to see if I missed out anything, the habit pays off).

I quickly re-composed the picture to have both of them include in the frame, at the same time step down the aperture to f8. I’ve got my shot.

Post Processing

The lighting was rather flat straight out from the camera, I push the colour to make the contrast of cold/warm more obvious, other than that, it will be the colour adjustment of my own preferences.

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