Which way (Colour is the music)

Which way (Colour is the music)

Consider this, the colour in photography is as the soundtrack in a movie. In a movie, the sound is one of the most important elements for building up an atmosphere and it does the same to me on the photograph.

Of course, it’s personal preferences and artist’s vision either to retain the most original colour or to edit the colour, and we would say that should depend on the individual photograph idea. Remember, there are no rules but the only principle in arts.

We are in a wonderful digital age, digital darkroom allowed us to explore beyond imagination from the past, take this advantage and break your vision boundary.

The photograph dance with its colour, paint it with jazz, blues, classical or even rock, metal… we give it life when dress it with the right tone, forget about the skin colour, white balance, blue sky. Our vision is far more important than making it realistic (unless we are taking a documentary footage, but even sometimes, realistic is an impression that needs an alteration to project to the audience).

Take the Shot

I was walking down the tunnel and didn’t have much idea as I’ve been travel passed there hundreds of times. I had the camera with me and these two brothers were running up and down with their little roller scooter. I put on the wide angle lens and stood at one end of the entrance, waiting for the right moment. I got this shot before both of them get bored of this place and the elder brother just calls it off while the younger brother starring back. The younger brother later ride on the roller scooter and follow his brother.

Post Processing

It will be a boring shot if I would just bring out the real world colour. The zooming rings in the tunnel are just right for “futuristic” colour, pushing the colour with greenish tint visualise that atmosphere. It’s rather a bit extreme colouring in this image and the contrast has been enhanced to make the green more “crispy”.

Overall I’m happy with the output and I have given it a unique life.

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